Rugged Computers

Rugged computer devices are built to be used in harsh work environments such as, construction, mining, public works and even for use by the military, but for most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of rugged computer systems is a big heavy slow laptop. But gone are the days when durable computer technology meant weight and really slow operating systems. Nowadays durable computers have operating power that matches their physical strength, and but before purchasing a rugged laptop or computer one needs to firstly understand the differences between semi- rugged and fully rugged computers.

Fully rugged computers.

From start to finish fully rugged computers are built with one purpose in mind: to be suitable for use in any environment from dusty to wet these computers should be able to withstand it all. Each part of a rugged computer must be carefully sealed and waterproofed to prevent any damage from salt, sand, moisture and any other environmental hazards. Often used outdoors and in bright sunlight, fully rugged computers are built with screens that are specially designed to reduce glare making them more visible in environments with harsh light. Fully rugged computers can also withstand freezing temperatures and heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit without a decrease in performance.

Semi-rugged computers

Unlike fully rugged computers which are built rugged from start to finish, semi-rugged laptops are standard notebook computers that have been adapted for use in harsh outdoor environments. The process of making a standard notebook computer rugged is called ruggedization, this process entails equipping the notebook with a magnesium case, a shock or gel-mounted hard disk drive, and a spill-proof keyboard. Semi-rugged computers can withstand extreme temperatures but not without a decrease in performance. Semi-rugged laptops are more suitable for people who travel often and need to occasionally work outside.

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