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The Rugged Notebook and Handheld Is definitely Built for the road and more

Many in the transportation industry track trucks and communicate with drivers using mobile communications systems that also double as on board computers when needed. The systems provide satellite tracking and communications between the driver and dispatch as well as the ability to run mapping routes applications or when stopped, they could use e-mail and surf the Internet for any information needed.

Other transportation fleets opt for less feature rich solutions, tracking-only systems or handheld solutions that combine tracking and wireless communication. Many industrial transportation companies also equip their trucks or drivers with notebook computers as this can assist with valuable information and for safety reasons.

The transportation industry life can be a tough environment for a notebook or any handheld mobile device, luckily notebooks are available in durable, semi-rugged and rugged configurations that can take a beating and still work when needed much like those used by package delivery companies.

Depending on the supplier, notebooks for mobile business work are generally described as being rugged, semi-rugged, or durable.

Rugged, or “ruggedized,” notebooks or handhelds are those that can withstand drops from 1.2 meters, immersion in water, rain, extreme temperatures hot or cold, bumps and vibrations. Most manufacturers should test their rugged computers or handhelds according to the military standards. A computer or handheld designed to function on the battlefield is probably more robust and can withstand more than the typical trucking company needs. But in some applications it might make sense.

Semi-rugged notebooks or handhelds can handle a rough environment but are not up to the standards of the fully rugged notebooks and handhelds.

Durable notebooks and handhelds are not always sealed from the elements, you can’t use them in the rain and spilling any kind of liquid on the keyboard as this will probably destroy your tech. But they do usually have shock mounted hard drives and stronger hard outer cases. Dropping your notebook or handheld from the cab of a truck would probably break the unit and will be in need of repairs, as most durable notebooks or handhelds are not designed to handle a drop of more than 0.4 meters or so.

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