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What is An RFID Printer

RFID technology has revolutionised the way many companies do business and in particular how products and goods are labelled. Thanks to this highly specialised technology, goods can be labelled with a large amount of information using smart labels in which tags are embedded that contain encoded information. Gone are the days of simply having a price on a product, now you can label it with a tag that contains vital information about the stock item.

What is an RFID printer?

In simplest of terms, an RFID system consists of a tag, an antenna and a reader. All these parts make up the system that allows information contained in the tag to be received by the antenna and then transmitted to the reader in order to be used. But just how does the information get onto the tag in the first place? This is where the RFID printer comes in.

When it comes to smart labelling or information installing on RFID tags, RFID label printers are one of the most important tools and are specialised printers of note. An RFID printer is designed to write information or data to a chip or tag that is embedded on a smart label. This process is done through encoding and every printer is specially designed to transmit the data onto the tag and encode it so that it can only be read by a specified antenna. RFID printers can print on different kinds of materials from paper and plastic to synthetic substances or materials too.

RFID printing not only encodes specific information onto a tag but can include the use of barcodes, specialised graphics and many other forms of information storing that is all dependent on what the RFID system is going to be used for.

Who uses RFID printing?

RFID technology is used in a multitude of industries for a variety of purposes but it’s commonly used in;

• Warehousing and logistics
• Import and export
• Shipping
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Transportation

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