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Osiris Technical Systems

We bring the power of technology to industrial and specialised environments, making the internet of things a reality. Since the dawn of the personal computer, and into the fourth industrial revolution, we have been enhancing our clients’ businesses with products of exceptional and sometimes rare capabilities. We are a trusted provider of RFID, barcoding, rugged, industrial, and data acquisition hardware and solutions for automatic identification, data acquisition, asset tracking, access control, process monitoring, automation and digitisation.

With over 35 years of experience, a deep understanding of client needs, extensive technical knowledge and a global network of leading suppliers, we have built countless tailored technical solutions – in every kind of environment.

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Our Clients

We have delivered products and solutions to engineers, scientists, technicians, managers, OEMs and systems integrators in automation, manufacturing, logistics, security, mining, agriculture, education and more.

If you need specific hardware to integrate into your system, or if you need a custom-engineered solution for your unique technical challenge – talk to us.

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Our Partners

We source specific products based on your needs. We are also the African distributor of leading industrial, rugged data acquisition and auto-ID brands such as Chainway, Durabook, Impinj, HID Global, Lilliput, Measurement Computing Corporation, Nagasaki, OmniID, Opticon, Times7, and Zure.

We partner with top South African systems integrators and designers such as Nimbus and the Wyobi network to deliver comprehensive systems and solutions for your unique technical challenge.

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Our Philosophy

We have a passion for our products and for our clients.

We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs. We respect their thinking and values and are sincere in offering them customised and specialised solutions. We are there for the long term.

We build solid relationships with our network of suppliers and partners, so we can source and reliably support the best products from all over the world and integrate complex solutions.

// Osiris Technical Systems

Products & Services

RFID and barcoding solutions and hardware

• Automated, fast, easy, wireless and accurate on-location identification.
• Enable tracking, visibility, access control, security and monitoring of people and assets.
• Multiple & simultaneous auto ID in harsh environments.
• Workflow digitisation to eliminate human error and the need for paperwork.

Rugged handhelds, laptops and tablets & industrial & panel-mount computing

• More uptime and fewer breakdowns through reliable, fit for purpose equipment for tough & specialised environments.
• Solutions for a mobile workforce and logistics, industrial process control and asset management.

Data acquisition equipment

• Reliable tools that enable process monitoring and the identification, measurement and analysis of analogue and digital data and signals to provide objective metrics and records in precision and challenging environments (wireless / portable / in-factory/ in-line / high speed).

See our product range or talk to us about a custom solution.

We are a BBBEE level 4 certified company.