Asset management software The system works with the Opticon OPN 2001 data collector scanner. The scanner is capable to store up to 15 000 scans before it needs to be downloaded. Data is downloaded via USB and also charged via USB.


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    There are 4 possible actions that can be scanned into the system. They are:
    – “BOOK IN”
    — This is to allocate any asset to a Location in the initial take on.
    — This action will also be used when an asset changes Location
    – “BOOK OUT”
    — This action will be used when assets need to leave the premises for repairs.
    – “STOCK TAKE”
    — Stock take is normally an annual exercise to verify if the locations and the existence of the assets.
    – “ARCHIVE”
    — Typically used for lost, stolen or damaged assets.


    – Asset tracking for hospitals
    – Office
    – IT
    – Laboratory
    – Inventory and logistics