C72 UHF RFID Reader

Chainway C72 is an Android rugged mobile computer. It features quad-core processor, 8000mAh battery and superb UHF RFID capability. It can be equipped with R2000 linearly or circularly polarized antenna. That it can read tags in bulk from long distance enables it to be deployed in asset management, retail, warehousing, fleet management and etc.


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    Phone: +27 87 093 2700
    Email: info@osiris.co.za


    – Powerful Application Performance
    – 4G LTE — Faster Connectivity
    – Superior UHF RFID Capability
    – Rugged and Durable
    – Multiple Data Capture Options
    – Prolonged Battery Life


    – Industrial
    – Geomatics
    – GIS Mapping
    – Natural Resources
    – Asset Management
    – Public Works
    – Agriculture
    – Military
    – Mining