CSL CS208-3G (Discontinued)

Rugged RFID reader, capable of reading in all weather conditions from a long range at high speed, with wide selection of connectivity, including 3G.

– 3G mobile connectivity and GPS
– Intelligent Integrated Reader with embedded edge server
– 3G/GSM/GPRS, SMS, Ethernet, USB, Serial and Wiegand
– Multiple choices of edge servers with intelligent event engine, and with APIs ranging from high level HTTP to C# to low level C, are available
– Ruggedized (MIL-STD-810) integrated reader with long read range
– Dense Reader Mode (DRM) available
– Unique offering: choice of Left Hand Circular Polarization or Right Hand Circular Polarization for dock door implementation
– Best of breed antenna performance: excellent axial ratio to give best read zone control

Vehicle mounting, Student Monitoring, Logistics, Quality control, Waste disposal management, Personnel tracking, Cold chain management, Asset management, Auto toll gates, Animal tracking, Vehicle monitoring, Remote monitoring

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