Epson TM-T20 Thermal Printer

Epson TM-T20 Thermal Printer Brings fast, reliable receipt printing to your business at an affordable price.

Ideal for busy retail or hospitality businesses, this printer delivers consistent logo and pattern printing at up to 150 mm per second, on 58 mm or 80 mm paper. It’s very compact and can be mounted horizontally or hung vertically on the wall.


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    This all-in-one package includes everything you need – from drivers for major operating systems and support for 24 languages to cables, wall-hanging bracket and even a waterproof switch cover. It’s also ENERGY STAR®-qualified, for increased power efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

    • The intelligent cable management and housing allows the Epson TM-T20 to be mounted neatly into a shelf corner.
    • All functions are accessible from the front, enabling the printer to be integrated into the smallest of spaces.
    • The paper cover is designed for easy access, opening fully even when installed against a wall.

    What's In The Box

    • Epson TM-T20 printer
    • Integrated AC adapter and power cable
    • Software CD-ROM
    • Spacer (80 mm to 58 mm)
    • Waterproof power switch cover
    • Warranty document
    • 1x 80 mm sample paper roll
    • Interface cable (9 pin serial or USB)
    • Wall hanging bracket
    • Rubber feet
    • Switch panel for vertical installation