Idplate RFID Adhesive Closure Wristbands

Wrist band with adhesive closure for entry control at events or patient monitoring.

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    – Stunning graphics. The digital printing process ensures crisp details on even the most complex logos for maximum clarity
    – Potential uses include admission and tracking for trade shows, amusement parks, events, museums, aquariums and zoos
    – Durable permanent materials, no paper layers
    – Thinner profile, not bulky as thicker options commonly used
    – 100{2c97d782373d20af6b663a29924ccbfc5f484ce76d84bd8f35b4209f94e5253c} data verification
    – Both HF and UHF options available
    – Durable adhesive prevents tampering and reuse
    – RFID or non-RFID


    – Access control
    – events