Impinj xArray

The xArray provides real-time tracking of individual items without human intervention.


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    Phone: +27 87 093 2700

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    – A single xArray can monitor up to 1,500 sq. ft. (139m2) when Monza R6 based tags are used, extend coverage with multiple xArrays.
    – Intelligent item locating with 5ft.(1.5m) or better spatial resolution of (x,y) location
    – Low profile design fits into standard ceiling tile grid and blends into décor
    – Exceptional performance provided by 2-D array with 52 dual-polarized antenna beams
    – Easy to use and maintain with IEEE 803.2af PoE, tilt sensor to detect when out of alignment, hysteresis feedback to alert when antenna may be blocked, and customizable beacon
    – Easy programming using Octane SDK, LLRP and Impinj extensions
    – Reader software optimizations accommodate large numbers of tags that are read repeatedly without compromising performance.



    – Inventory accuracy and visibility
    – Automation (receiving, transition door, item pairing/grouping, replenishment)
    – Customer experience

    – Asset tracking and RTLS
    – Patient safety & queuing
    – Consumables accuracy and visibility

    – Safety and security
    – Logistics planning
    – WIP and parts replenishment