Juniper Mesa 3

With best-in-class features including an ultra-rugged ergonomic design, sunlight-readable display, and all-day battery life, Mesa™ Rugged Tablets provide the ultimate device for a variety of mobile data collection applications.



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    Phone: +27 12 346 0249


    – Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
    – Extreme temperature endurance
    – Ergonomic design for minimal user fatigue
    – All-day battery life
    – Large 7’’ sunlight-readable display
    – Racing-fast processor options
    – Designed and assembled in the United States
    – Live and individualized customer support
    – Customizable
    – Optional Class 1, Div 2 certification for hazardous locations

    Running a full Windows 10 or Android 9.0 operating system, Mesa Rugged Tablets carry out the entire data collection process with ease from start to finish. Snap a photo, record field notes, capture a GNSS location, and analyze data – all in the palm of your hand. Its racing-fast processor and ergonomic design ensure maximum efficiency and minimal fatigue. With all the functionality of a desktop computer packed into one ultra-tough tablet, the Mesa will truly become your office, anywhere.


    – Industrial
    – Geomatics
    – GIS Mapping
    – Natural Resources
    – Asset Management
    – Public Works
    – Agriculture
    – Military
    – Mining

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