Opticon PR-11 Passport and ID Reader

The PR-11 (Passport Reader) is a high speed omnidirectional scanner that can easily be used on top of a counter or be built-in. The integrated Opticon 2D engines are optimized for reading MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Document) like OCR-B fonts. It is an omnidirectional presentation scanner, which means barcodes are scanned whichever way you hold them on top of the scanner. The PR-11 is perfectly suitable for passport or ID control areas and reduces queuing time.


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    Phone: +27 87 093 2700
    Email: info@osiris.co.za


    – Supports all common 1D & 2D codes
    – Optimized for OCR-B font
    – Omnidirectional scanning
    – 360° high speed reading
    – High speed scanning; 120 fps
    – Smart design fits any desk, workspace or countertop
    – Available in black and white version
    – Anti-microbial coating (white model)

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