Times-7 SlimLine Combo Doorway Portal

An aesthetically pleasing doorway portal application

The SlimLine A8065 Combo is a high performing and aesthetically pleasing doorway portal application. There are absolutely no compromises on spatial dimension, offering a 360° reading coverage.


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    Its ultra-low profile and slim dimensions give it a snug fit into door frames, which makes the application particularly suitable for people / attendees tracking in conferences and other high foot-traffic events. Mounted on the sides and the top of the door frame, the solution combines all three polarizations to achieve the best and densest reading range, regardless of tag orientation.

    • 360° reading coverage regardless of tag orientation
    • UHF RFID
    • Slim dimensions allow snug fit into door frames
    • 700 x 88 x 10.5 mm
    • 902-928MHz (FCC); 865-868MHz (ETSI)


    • Person or item tracking in retail
    • Patient or asset tracking in hospitals
    • Attendee tracking in events
    • Asset tracking in store rooms