C72 UHF RFID Reader

C72 UHF RFID Reader

Chainway C72 is an Android rugged mobile computer.

Juniper Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet

Ultra Rugged Windows 10 Tablet

Ergonomically designed for all day use in harsh environments.


Opticon - H22

Everything from mobile to stationary scanning made simple and fast.


Sato - CL4NX

Durable Design RFID printer.


MCC - E1608

MCC’s Ethernet-based data acquisition solutions.


WebDAQ Loggers

Internet Enabled Temperature or Vibration/Acoustic Data Loggers


Providing quality solutions in technical computing since the dawn of the PC.

Since the dawn of the Personal Computer in 1985, we have provided our clients with quality products and solutions from across the globe to meet their individual needs.   Our strategy has always been to add value to our client’s business by supplying products of exceptional and sometimes rare capabilities, using the latest technology with the necessary backup and support.


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C71 Mobile Computer

C71 Mobile Computer

Android rugged mobile computer, with its powerful quad-core processor and wireless connections.

Speedway Revolution Fixed RFID Reader

Speedway Revolution Fixed RFID Reader

The Speedway Revolution is equipped with advanced technology that allows for easy management and higher levels of efficiency.


Fully-rugged tablet PC.


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The Anatomy of Data Acquisition Systems

Many industries rely on the ability to collect information on how their automated processes are performing. This allows them to make changes and tweaks to their operations to ensure that they are conducted more efficiently, as a better cost and to a greater effect.... read more

What Exactly is Data Acquisition?

Data acquisition, as a practice, has been around since IBM launched the 7700 Data Acquisition System as far back as 1963, and while performance measurement was most likely around long before then, it wasn’t until computer systems got involved that the process became... read more

The Benefits of Isolated Measurement Systems

The Benefits of Isolated Measurement Systems Electrical isolation is used to separate measurement signals to limit electronic interference which could otherwise damage equipment, corrupt collected data, or even pose a risk of electrocution to operators, by cutting off... read more

Our organisation has been using AssetZure asset management software for 2 months now and I can say that we are very satisfied with their product. It is user friendly and easy to operate. We have been exceptionally pleased with our interactions with your company. Your team has been quick to respond to functionality and support required. This software is a must have for any company.

Todd Laba

OM Africa (Hatfield, Pretoria)


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